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Morning everyone! First and foremost, I apologize for slacking a bit on posts. Between work, potty training (yep, he still isn’t potty trained), vacations, and my STUPID kidney sickness (I’ll explain in a later post), I haven’t had much time to post.  I’ll get better though…promise! That being said, you should see some fun vacation posts coming your way soon.  Oh yeah, and possibly a post (or two) about love. Tis’ the season for love, right ladies?

Alrighty, here we go!

People who can’t control what they say.

“Dating is probably hard because of the ‘kid thing’, right?

“I didn’t think Mormon’s were allowed to get divorced. Are you worried about being excommunicated from your church?”

“How do his parents feel about him dating a black girl…is that an issue?”

“But…you have white hair.”

As much as I’m screaming inside when someone has a stupid, ridiculous statement for me, I give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they have some form of Tourette’s syndrome.  By assuming they can’t control what comes out of their mouths helps me stay sane.

Why it’s hard to make friends in your mid-20s (or when you’re married).
It’s weird what happens when you grow up. You go through high school and college with your go-to girls. You have friends to shop with, vacation with, eat with, and study with. Something happens after all of this though… sometimes your pack of go-to gals starts to scatter. They find love, get married, move away for jobs, and have babies.  The funny thing I’ve experienced is when it comes time to branch out and find other female friendship…it’s pretty hard.

I’ve never been one to have lots of friends, just a few super close ones that I’ve had for years on end. Although, I’ve never had a lot of friends, the dynamic of finding friends DEFINITELY changes once you hit your mid-20s.  Personally, I feel it’s even harder when you’re married.  My married friends have often questioned the same thing and each had their own hypothesis, but I haven’t really figured it out.

My passion for leopard print.
Awhile back, my current beau and I were spending our Monday night date night huddled in front of the TV watching the gem formally known as Teen Mom 2. He decides to be funny and compare my fashion sense to Chelsea Houska’s. I hate to admit it, but even though her aspiration to be a Cheetah girl is a tad over the top, sometimes I catch myself thinking, hey, her top is pretty cute! For some, inexplicable reason I just love leopard. Maybe it fits my personality. Maybe the color scheme compliments my skin, I just don’t know… What I DO know is I’ve never met a leopard print that I didn’t like.

The rise in teenage pregnancy.
Okay, while we are on the topic of Teen Mom 2…I am always left to wonder how these young girls keep getting knocked up.  In this day and age, there are a more methods of birth control out there than you’d ever imagine.  One very simple method could be NOT doing it, how bout’ that?

It seems like every time I and have my womanly exam done, there is a brand spanking new type of BC.  Also, what confuses me even more is the fact that parents these days are a lot more liberal and open about the birds and the bees-like topics then they were in the past. I think what bothers me the most about it is the girls that end up getting pregnant at a young age and just don’t seem to care.  Contrary to what they think, having a baby is a BIG deal and affects not only them, but everyone around them.  It’s been said that my blessed Teen Mom shows have glamorized this trend. I feel that showcasing this on MTV (of all networks) does create a certain appeal, but on the contrary it shows the raw reality of how life is when you have a kid. It shows that you don’t stay teeny tiny post baby.  It shows that your baby daddy will most likely leave. Lastly, it shows how much your life will dramatically change.

Why Target busts out the swimwear mid-January.
Is Target trying to tempt me…or make me feel like I should be working out?


  1. I with you on so many of these topics. I too can't understand the rise in pregnancy and why its so fine to talk about now- maybe t.v.? And yes, I was at Target the other day and had to laugh that the swimsuits were out already. It did however make me want to get better in shape! So if thats their plan it worked haha!


  2. People can't control what they say because our society has bread us that way. Too much coming out of the mouth and not enough silence.

    It's harder to make friends mid 20's because you realize what the true meaning of a true friends is and because of personality differences, beliefs, schedules, etc, there are just not that many people out there that can fill those shoes.

    I understand your passion for leopard print because I've seen you in it quite a few times and you look fabulous. :)

    Teen pregnancy--because girls are maturing physically sooner than they used to and maturing mentally....um.....NEVER.

    And again, thanks for rubbing in that I don't have a Target anywhere near me. Sigh....

    Fun post!

  3. Yes, people are AWFUL at what they say. I see it all the time and it totally shocks me what people think is socially acceptable to say. And I feel you on the making friends... it is so hard after college. I wrote a whole post on it actually because I am so sick of it. Luckily, blogging has actually helped me to meet alot more people. Just found your blog and have enjoyed your writing! I'm excited to read more.

    new follower :)


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