weekend recap

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I spend most of my weekend quarantined in the house with what I believe to have been the plague superflu. Ugh.  To brighten my spirits, today I'm teaming up with Sami for a fantabulous weekend recap.


I spend the weekend with copious amounts of cherry limeade and Emergen-C. New nail polish isn’t exactly a cold remedy, but I’d like to believe it helps!

I watched a little bit of this

and this

I Pinterested a little and found lots of decor inspiration for my son's room in my new Casa

And found some birthday party inspiration too. The boy loves his ABCs!

And lastly… I treated myself to a little bit of this

And this. Note: Please ignore the bad lighting...and how my face looks a hot mess.


finding the positive.

Happy Thursday everyone!  I apologize for my recent blogging hiatus as these last few weeks have definitely been a roller coaster.  A roller coaster of sickness, a roller coaster of life changes, and a roller coaster of acceptance.

See, for all of you who don’t know, I’m a divorced single mom.  For all of you who don’t know, the big D (divorce) is no walk in the park.  What I’ve learned is that no matter how much time passes or how many Elizabeth Taylor jokes you make, it still sucks.  On the flip side, the general suckiness (yep, I totally just made that word up) can do great things.  It helps you be stronger.  It gives you a bigger backbone.  It adds character.  It will help you get through tough times that you never though you could.

However…it didn’t totally prepare me for this.

Last week, my ex matter of factly notified me he was quitting his job and moving to Arizona….in 2 weeks.  I instantly panicked.  The thoughts and questions in my mind were frantic. How was I going to help my son adjust to this change? How was my son going to see his father?


Recently, things have been GREAT in regards to routine, custody, and time spend with each parent.  I’m not one of those mean villainous moms who would rather pull teeth than let their child see their father when it’s not their day. Essentially, we made it work and things were going great.

Instead of becoming super emotional and making a dumb emotional decision (or two…which could have clearly happened due to me being a PMSy mess) I took a step back.  Did I send my ex a flurry of angry texts? No.  Did I run to Great Harvest for a guilty pleasure/carb party? Almost.  What I actually did was try my hardest to find the positive in the situation.  What I’ve learned in the past is that life is going to throw crazy things your way and the outcome of the situation is completely, 100%, up to you.  I personally feel that in light of situations like this, people have 2 choices.  They can either accept the situation how it is and try to find the good in it or succumb to negativity and become taken over by said situation.   I do have to tell you, sometimes..it’s reaaaaaaalllllly reaaaallllllly hard to find the postives. Crazy hard.  But, for me, I’d rather see the good than the bad, even when the situation sucks.

You live and you learn rings true in this regard as in every struggle, you learn something about yourself.  One may learn they are stronger, more confident, or brave then they originally thought.  Another may learn a valuable life lesson by tough love.

You may be wondering what ‘positives’ I’ve found in this situation.  Truth be told, I’m still searching for them.  The agreement with my ex and I was that he would have my son one week a month and we would alternate flying my little guy back and forth. As usual, I have high hopes the situation will work out and possibly, some fun Arizona opportunities will come my way.

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