weekend recap

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I spend most of my weekend quarantined in the house with what I believe to have been the plague superflu. Ugh.  To brighten my spirits, today I'm teaming up with Sami for a fantabulous weekend recap.


I spend the weekend with copious amounts of cherry limeade and Emergen-C. New nail polish isn’t exactly a cold remedy, but I’d like to believe it helps!

I watched a little bit of this

and this

I Pinterested a little and found lots of decor inspiration for my son's room in my new Casa

And found some birthday party inspiration too. The boy loves his ABCs!

And lastly… I treated myself to a little bit of this

And this. Note: Please ignore the bad lighting...and how my face looks a hot mess.


  1. Hope you are feeling better today! Sometimes being suck can be nice, I know tha sounds crazy right? But at least you get to lounge around and have an excuse to be lazy, lol. I feel guilty for being lazy for now reason, which is how I spent my Sunday (but I was not sick).


  2. hope you're feeling better. my son was sick this weekend too and it was not fun. But sounds to me like you had a relaxing weekend.


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