target does it again.

Target does it again.

One of the pleasures of being a divorcé is the ability to spend as I please at Target without being audited.  It seriously is SO nice.  I don’t have anyone questioning my unapologetic zeal over discounted colorblocked shoes, my ability to turn a ’15 minute Target run’ into a ’45 minute Target run’, or my unexplained need to buy blue and pink striped stationary (when I already have several stationary sets) AND a matching planner because it was on sale.  I cannot tell you how many times my ex would take a look at our bank statement and question why I spent $100 on a toilet paper run to Target.  Men simply don’t get it.  Target is like the Sportscenter for the female gender.  I have passion for bold colors, endless racks of scarves, cheap home interiors, fun & funky paper products, rows and rows of organizational supplies (that I’ll never use), sparkly scrapbooking materials (again, something else I’ll never use), and the dollar section…oh the dollar section.  Target, being the sexy little Lolita it is, somehow manages to seduce me with its discounted/colorful magic until I lose all willpower.

Okay…back to my point.

A couple days ago, my ex moved my son’s pickup time until later that evening and I was left with 2 blessed hours of free time.  What does a girl do with 2 hours of baby-free time?  This girl heads straight to Target.  Most of you mothers out there can probably agree that shopping sans children is a luxury that doesn’t happen often.  This luxury enables you to shop leisurely without tears and crackers being stuffed down your shirt among other pleasant things children like to do in stores (ie: shrill screams).
As I wandered happily through Target with the original intention of buying an undershirt and milk, I ended up leaving the store with the following items:

Not one, but two pencil skirts (30% off,holla)
A Valentine’s Day themed monkey sippy cup
A Valentine’s Day themed coffee mug
Fake eyelashes
Pajamas for my son
A cute notebook
A set of mini-notecards
Biore pore strips
A cat calendar for my son (he loves his ‘meows’)
and last but not least…a scarf

Not only did I get a bunch of stuff I didn’t plan for, I actually somehow forgot what I actually went in for!
On a side note, I’m not TOO disgusted with myself as I didn’t even touch the dollar section (which is a small victory).
Those bargain priced knick-knacks that clutter up my junk drawer will have to wait until next time.

It’s your turn!
 Are there any fellow Target lovers out there? If so, how many of you are tempted to buy more than what is on your shopping/grocery list?

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  1. Me me me! I'm a target lover. Besides all the cool things you already mentioned, they have awesome toys there that we could NEVER in a million years, find at Walmart-o.

    Sigh...we now live 2 hours....HOURS....from the nearest Target. :( Sad....but it does save me money.


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