colorful DIY birthday party

Okay, recently I have become OBSESSED with everything at ontobaby.com.  The site has the best party inspiration as well as awesome nursery decor ideas and free printables (ones that are actually useful!).  

I love color so when I stumbled upon this colorfully styled birthday party, I feel in love.  Kiira Turnbow of eyeheartprettythings designed the entire event for her son's third birthday.  I tip my hat to Kiira for pulling off such a lovely event.  

I will definitely be stealing the chalkboard and jello jar ideas.

Enjoy :)


  1. For P.'s first three birthdays, I've done themed, styled parties at home. This year, she asked to have her birthday at one of the bouncey castle places. Means no cleanup or setup for me, but I'll kind of miss the chaos and design.

  2. Just saw this link back. Thanks for the feature!!


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