Top iPhone Apps For Toddlers

Sippy cup.
Picture books.
Animal books.
Leap Frog laptop.
Loud, noisy animal book.
Stuffed lamb.
Coloring book.

Above are all the things I would cram into my purse in an attempt to keep my hyper active toddler calm and collected while out and about.  Unfortunately, these items only keep him interested for a nanosecond.  The sippy cup normally ends up getting tossed on the ground, the crackers get shoved down my shirt, and every 'meow'  in each animal book gets drawn on.  This was all before my son discovered the appeal of the iPhone.

For me, the iPhone has been the best distraction for my little guy and is pretty much God's gift in keeping my sanity intact.  It's a miracle worker.  Who knew the coveted device can hold a toddler's attention during a 4-course dinner, a long wait at the bank, or during the long drive to the babysitter.  

Below are a few of my favorite tot-friendly apps!

Animal Sounds Machine ($1)

ABC Wheels ($2)


Toddler Phone Numbers ($5)
ToddlerPhoneNumbers ($5)

Bubbles ($1)

Bubbles ($1)

Bubble Snap (FREE!)

Bubble Snap (Free)

Scribble (FREE!)
Scribble (FREE)

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