bavarian bliss + cabin fun

Happy Saturday everyone! 

Last weekend was my son's weekend with his father, so a few friends and I rented a fun cabin a few minutes outside of Leavenworth Washington.  Leavenworth is a gorgeous little town with tons of Bavarian charm. This was my first visit and I totally fell in love.  I was very impressed as every business in town (even streamlined ones like Starbucks and Safeway) went along with the Bavarian theme. Below are a few snapshots from the trip, enjoy!

 Downtown Leavenworth (the city was filled with Christmas lights, even in January)

Our cute cabin.

B and I. (ignore how I look like I have a lazy eye)

Bavarian charm.

Downtown was so fun! We visited a fun little hat shop that had just about every type of hat you could think of. Naturally, I flocked to the Disney ones. The city was also filled to the brim with bakeries and gelato shops, yum!

Private tour at the Bourdeaux estate...amazing!

I'm very thankful for having the opportunity to spend a weekend away with my wonderful friends.  I'm definitely looking forward to going back soon!


  1. Congratulations! I am bestowing upon your blog the Liebster award. Please visit my blog for more information: http://whispersfromaworkingmom.blogspot.com/
    Congrats and happy blogging =D

  2. How Fun! I haven't had the opportunity to go there myself yet but now I think I must. :) Weekend getaway sans children. Sounds SO GOOD to me!

    1. I know you'll have tons of fun. Your little ones will enjoy the town as well. I'm excited to bring Landon back sometime.

  3. Wow such a cute little cabin!


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