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Happy Sunday!

All of the mothers out there will probably agree with the fact that maintaining your pre-baby look becomes a little difficult after the baby comes.  For me, I was quite naive.  In my mind, once I had my son I would be a total MILF.  Pre-baby, I assumed that since babies sleep most of the day that I would have endless amounts of time to primp, fluff, manicure, and beautify myself before leaving the house.  In my ever so naive imagination, I pictured myself leaving the house in my pre-baby jeans (because come on, it's not hard to lose baby weight) with perfect hair and make up toting cute little one in his designer baby clothes.  I mean, my mom was an image of perfection post-baby so why wouldn't I be as well?

Reality Check Time.

 I learned I wasn't my mom.  I learned that you can't just fit into those pre-baby size 4's and it's pretty depressing when you try.  I learned that your hips get bigger (who knew!).  I learned about a lovely thing called sleep deprivation. Lastly, I learned that looking smashing post-baby is pretty dang hard.

What I envisioned:
What actually happens:

A great article on how to bring sexy back as a new mom here and here.

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