A little bit about me

                                               Here are a few random facts about me:
  • I never tasted grapefruit, asparagus, or pumpkin until after I graduated high school.
  • I am notorious for getting lost in airports, missing my flights, getting speeding tickets, and leaving the house in yoga pants.
  • I am very bad at eating my feelings.  I really need to stop, but nothing can calm my spirit more than a bag of sour patch kids and a batch of snickerdoodles.
  • I am a sucker for reality TV.  I can spend a whole day watching those quirky Richards sisters.
  • I also have a passion for clothes and fashion, but my style is kind of plain (very J.Crew-esque) and probably couldn't pull off a fashion blog.  Hence, the lifestyle blog with just a little fashion thrown in!
  • I was homeschooled during my senior year of high school.
  • NYC is my favorite and ideal vacation local.
  • I have never been to Las Vegas.
  • I got married, bought a house, had a child, and got divorced by the age of 25.
  • I am obsessed with correspondence and snail mail.
  • I don't like chocolate or any Thanksgiving foods.
  • I have a big heart.
  • I'm bad about cleaning out my purse.
  • I'm even worse about cleaning out my car.
  • I love gangster movies but I don't like rap music.
  • I'm an old soul.

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