Life's Simple Pleasures

                                                                     Happy Saturday everyone!

Today as we all rush to the stores to do our last minute Christmas shopping, I caught myself thinking about life's simple pleasures.  The pleasures and fleeting moments that are priceless.  The quote "the best things in life are free" is very true.  Many of my favorite things, activities, and moments don't have a pricetag.  Below are some of my favorite simple pleasures in life:

Waking up and noticing you have 4 more hours of sleep until you need to be up.

Snuggling with my little boy

Random act of kindness from strangers.

The way snickerdoodles taste when they are fresh out of the oven.

Finding a $10 dollar bill in your purse.

One Tree Hill marathons.

When Love and Basketball is on TV (if that Tanya Randall hadn't gotten pregnant, the movie just wouldn't be the same).

Lazy weekends.

Jumping into bed and the cold feeling you get from the sheets (Ok, I may be a wierdo on that one).

Seeing my son's excitement whenever he sees a 'meow'.

Any funny comment made my Scott Disick.

The cancellation of Jersey Shore. 

Jenelle from Teen Mom 2.  I'm so glad she got rid of Keefah. :)

Phaedra Parks.  That southern belle has got mad swagger.

My son's joy over shopping carts.

Blair and Chuck.

My friends finding love.

3-hour phone calls with my momma.

Good hair days.

Good mascara days.

Places (banks, doctors offices, schools, etc.) that have free cookies. If we were all given free cookies, we would all be happier (possibly more obese) people.

Meeting someone with great manners.


What are your favorite simple pleasures?

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